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New Product & Design Ideas

New Product & Design Ideas
Specialty Items
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Custom Gates, Railings & Fences
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The custom design work, shown here,
is a prime example of how diverse your
choices can be. Both english and ukrainian
writing was incorporated into these
intricate cemetery gates.
Wheat sheaves and cross cut-outs,
along with scrolls and perforated steel
panels complete the design and create
a look that truly compliments this
Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery.

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Great design ideas can be found right
in your own back yard. Look around at
existing elements and incorporate them
in your new wrought iron pieces.
These railing panels and the entry gate
were designed to compliment the existing
arbour. Matching finials and collars make
everything look like they were fabricated
at the same time, and carry the original
design throughout the back yard.

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 There's no need to accept a "jail" look, just because you're trying to keep people out. Security and style go hand-in-hand with this security panel, designed for Boston Pizza in Saskatoon, Sask. Displaying their logo, in a random grind finish, adds an exceptionally appealing look to a very functional and necessary item.
Ask us about design ideas for residential and commercial door panels, window guards or security screens. 

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Entry Signs Say "Welcome"...
... to our home, cabin, farm or business.
Just like our specialty railings, entry signs are very unique and individual. They can include a family or business name; a street number alone or your street number and name; the name of your cabin, acreage or ranch; scenery cutouts and so much more. We also fabricate archways and frames, with hooks, to accommodate wooden signs.
Whether you're looking for a small sign for your front yard, a large arch for over your driveway or a mountable sign for the front of your business, Wrought Iron By Design can assist you in the design process.
Scrolls and spindles can be utilized, for a more ornate look, or individually cut panels can be added to depict your personal style and interests.

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Another great way to welcome people
is by adding your town name or logo
 to a new or existing structure.
The residents of Grayson, Sask.
choose wheat sheaves and musical notes
 to depict the character of their town.

We are constantly working on new products and design ideas. 
Check back often to see what's new.

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